Private Psychotherapy Practice

The Clinic was founded based on the passion for helping others to transform their lives with the help of psychotherapy. Highly qualified and experienced team of psychotherapists and psychiatrists works by utilising recent research in the areas of cognitive and behavioural psychology, biopsychology, clinical and deep psychology known as psychoanalysis, tailoring treatment to a person’s individual needs and personality. Over the years, “Psytherapy” Private Clinic helped individuals, couples and families suffering from a range of issues, such as personality disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, skills building and much more.


At the Psychotherapy Clinic we offer:

Psychiatric and Psychological assessments

Psychiatric and psychological assessments for people who are trying to make sense of their difficulties or in doubt as to which modality of therapy to choose.

Understanding the problem, how it originated and maintained is in itself a powerful first step towards recovery.

A Treatment plan can then be developed.

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Personality Disorders

Treatment for people who need assistance in gaining control over particular personality trait or impulsive behaviour. This will usually include learning new ways to differentiate between objective thinking and moments when thought process is influenced by powerful emotion.

Psychotherapy will assist in gaining experiential knowledge in ways to contain unhelpful behaviour and emotions, reducing distress and improving quality of inner experiences.

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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling to efficiently treat anxiety and panic disorders, depression, relationship problems, stress, trauma, low self-esteem, anger and sleep problems, addictions and its prevention, IBS, CFS and more, at a short notice.

Specific modality of therapy can be requested, otherwise, one of our highly experienced psychotherapists will advise on the best way forward according to personal needs.

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Psychoanalysis for individuals who are planning to embark on a journey of self-discovery and want to learn about themselves something they never knew before. Psychoanalysis is also recommended for long standing personality difficulties or persistent problems that shown to be resistant to all other treatments. It is expected that perception and experience of the self will change as therapy progresses. This is due to building links between perceptions, experiences, cultural background, early family experiences and current life. The process of bringing it all together, with time, positively affects brain structure and improves neuroplasticity resulting in overall wellbeing and feeling of resourcefulness.

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Each member of the team believes that everyone can heal and grow with the aid of psychotherapy. It is a mission of “Psytherapy” to be there as a safe place for people who are ready to embrace positive change and to help them on their journey through life. Psychotherapy Clinic in London will continue helping people discover new qualities in themselves and others, and helping take first steps in personal development. This can be achieved by working together in a focused and personal manner to help towards resolving problems and achieving life goals.

If you think you would benefit from psychotherapy or psychiatry, please get in touch and we will look for solutions together.


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