Private Psychotherapy Practice

At The Private Psychotherapy Practice in Central London, I offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for people to explore the causes of, and solutions to, their personal issues. I provide counselling for various mental health issues, such as personality difficulties, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma and more. I also work with individuals who are planning to embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn new ways of understanding themselves.

At the psychotherapy practice we will work in a focused and personal manner to help you to resolve your problems and achieve your life goals. If you think you would benefit from psychotherapy, please get in touch and we will look for solutions together.




Having worked on various complex cases, I believe from experience that everyone can heal and grow with the aid of psychotherapy. It is my mission to be there for people who are ready to embrace positive change and to help them on their journey through life. I have founded the Psychotherapy Practice in London in order to help people discover new qualities in themselves and others, and to help them take their first steps in personal development.


The Private Psychotherapy Practice was founded based on my passion for helping others to transform their lives with the help of psychotherapy. Over the years, I have counselled individuals, couples and families with a range of issues, such as relationship problems, addiction, personality disorders and depression. I do this by tailoring my approach to a person’s individual needs and by guiding them through the therapeutic process so they can start to make positive changes in their life. In my free time I engage in philanthropy and act as a founder of the psychological services platform 'AskPsy' which gives individuals instant access to experienced clinicians. .